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What do you need to groom my dog outside my home?

All we need is a safe place to park and an electricity point to plug into no more than 25m from the van. Oh! And your dog of course!

If we cannot park up safely, you are welcome to bring your dog to us.

Is all of the grooming done in the van?

Yes. The van Salon contains everything you would find in a conventional dog grooming salon EXCEPT cages and cabinet dryers. We hand dry all our doggy clients. We have a superb stainless steel bath which caters for giant breeds as well as the little ‘uns. We have an electric grooming table which lowers to make it easy for large dogs to climb onto. We have a high velocity dryer, a finishing dryer and a handheld dryer. We have all the tools/equipment required to groom a variety of coats and breeds.

How do I know my dog will be safe in your van?

Your pet will have our full and individual attention for the duration of his groom. He will be the only pooch in the van at any time and we use harnesses to ensure his safety both in the bath and on the table.

How do you cope with large breeds in the van?

The Salon area is very spacious, so there is plenty of room for dogs of all sizes. The electric table can be lowered to allow easy access by large breeds and we also have a ramp to assist entry into the drop-front bath.

Do you express anal glands during the grooming process?

No. This is a veterinary procedure and as such should be carried out by your Vet.

How often should my dog be professionally groomed?

This varies according to breed and the time of year. For example, a Bichon Frise should be groomed every 4 weeks, whilst a West Highland White Terrier only needs grooming every 10 – 12 weeks. Your dog’s coat may grow quicker in the summer and need to be clipped/scissored. In winter, he may need more washing/tidying. It is important that your dog is still groomed during winter months to maintain optimum coat/skin condition, because he is perhaps more likely to get wet and muddy. A wet coat will matt more easily, causing discomfort for your pet and also providing the perfect environment for bugs and other nasties, like skin infections, to develop. A matted coat will not be able to dry out properly meaning that your dog will remain damp and cold. If your dog lives indoors and has a thick coat, he may be too warm because of central heating. This could cause him to overheat. Far better to keep him well groomed and pop a wee coat on before a walk – that way, it can be removed when he gets back home. We will work together to decide on a grooming schedule which will provide the best possible care for your pet.

Will you groom more than one dog at a time?

No. You effectively hire the individual use of Wagg-On Mobile Dog Grooming Salon for the duration of your dog’s groom. This reduces the stress to your dog as he is the only one in the Salon at any time. We take appointments for more than one dog at one address though and will groom one after the other.  Or you have more than one small dog and want them to be groomed together, that’s no problem.

How do you manage the water in your van?

Each morning, we fill the 190 litre on board water tank with fresh water. Each doggy client has fresh, heated water for his bath and using a sophisticated pump system, he is treated to a hydromassage which he will love!

What do you do with the dirty water?

We collect the dirty water from each doggy client’s bath in a separate tank, known as a grey water tank. We are fully licensed by both SEPA and Scottish Water and dispose of the water in accordance with their regulations at the end of each working day. This ensures that the dirty, soapy water is not discharged onto your driveway.

Do you use fresh towels for each dog?

Yes. We use a combination of chamois and towel and each dog is treated to a fresh one of each.

Do you disinfect your equipment after each dog?

Yes. Our grooming table and bath is disinfected after each dog and all of our tools and equipment are sterilised using a UV Steriliser.

I have a puppy. When should I start to have him groomed?

As soon as your puppy has been vaccinated, he should be introduced to the grooming process. We offer free Puppy Inductions which last no more than 10 minutes. Our aim is to introduce him to the sounds, sights and smells of a grooming salon to help prepare him for his first groom. Simply bring your puppy to us and we will do the rest! Once he is at ease in the Salon, we will come to you and groom your puppy on your doorstep…….or at least, in the Salon on your doorstep…

What makes your service “STRESS FREE”?

Wagg-On Dog Grooming reduces the stress of grooming day FOR YOUR PET because we only have one dog in the Salon at any one time. This means that your pet does not become anxious because there are no other dogs in the Salon at the same time as him. He is not left in a cage whilst our attention focusses on another dog for a while. He is not placed in a cabinet dryer. He is not removed far from his familiar surroundings. He does not have to endure a car journey to the grooming parlour. He does not need to wait in a cage for Mum or Dad to come back and collect him.Wagg-On Dog Grooming reduces the stress of grooming day FOR YOU because we come to you. You do not have to drive to the Salon. You do not have to find a parking space close by the Salon. You do not need to structure your day around your pet’s appointment (in fact, you do not need to be home – we can hold a key and pick your pet up while you are out). You do not need to return several hours later to collect your pet from the Salon. You do not need to deal with a pooch who is hyper because he has been in the grooming salon all day with other noisy, hyped up pets.  And we even send reminder texts the day before your appointment if booked more than a week in advance, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting about it.

What makes your service “MESS FREE”?

The Salon comes to you. We collect your dog from you and take him into the Salon parked outside your home. All bathing, drying and grooming is done inside the Salon. We return your pet to you, clean and shiny! The mess is contained within the Salon. So – no scratches on your bath, no hair down your plughole, no fur flying in your kitchen/livingroom during the drying process, no hair to hoover and sweep up after clipping/scissoring.

How can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, you can get in touch by

  • phone: 07769 321638. You will likely get my voicemail because if I’m not grooming (will never answer the phone when I’m working with a dog), I’ll be driving to my next appointment. Please be patient with me – I work alone, I work long hours but I will ALWAYS get back to you within 24 hours of your call.
  • email: woof@wagg-on.com
  • or through Facebook at www.facebook.com/waggondoggrooming