The Salon

vanWe are very proud of our mobile grooming salon – click here to climb aboard and take a tour!   It has been professionally converted by a specialist company and contains a number of features which sets it apart from the rest. As with most mobile groomers, we usually plug in to your own power supply – the cost of using your electricity is just pennies.

van_bathOur van contains its own water supply, ensuring a heated bath with fresh water for each new doggy client. Our specially devised Bathing Beauty pump ensures that your pet is treated to a wonderfully relaxing, cleansing hydrobath. It works on his muscles, gets rid of the dirt and leaves him feeling wonderful!  We then take our dirty water away with us – so there is no mess draining onto your driveway. We are fully licensed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and by Scottish Water.

For our larger clients, we have a specially created ramp to help them into the bath. Our electric grooming table can be lowered, ensuring that our doggy clients are able to climb aboard without risk of injury.

We burn soothing aromatherapy oils while we are grooming ‑ we find that this helps to relax your pet and helps them to enjoy their time in our salon.

So, click here to come and have a look inside ‑ we are sure you will agree  ‑ it’s a very special environment!