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7 A[RIL 2023

Here's a timely reminder ....


24 JANUARY 2023

Remembering my Yoshi boy today ..... and every day. Can hardly believe it's been 11 years ..... I miss you still, always will.

16 JANUARY 2023

Some of this Blog has disappeared ....... and I can't even blame the dog for chewing it up!!!

24 JANUARY 2022

In memory of my fabulous boy, Yoshi. Ten years have passed and I miss you every day. Forever in my heart, always by my side. Yoshi, I miss you.

10 FEBRUARY 2021

Reports of bogus SSPCA inspectors in correctly liveried vans abound.  https://www.scottishspca.org/news/scottish-spca-issues-update-over-bogus-inspectors

This, on top of the local reports received of suspicious behaviour around dogs, dogs' homes, during dog walks. Please be on your guard.  Temporarily suspending posting of client pics on Wagg-On Facebook page as a result of these reports.


Snoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwing!!!!!! Here is a very useful article, written by a Vet, on caring for your pooch's paws in the snow. Contains a recipe (untested by me) for some soothing paw balm.



Baby, it's cold outside!  Some very useful tips on caring for our furbabies in the extreme cold weather.


24 JANUARY 2021

Remembering my boy ......... 9 years ago today, you left me Yoshi. Gone from my life now longer that we shared it, I still miss you every day.

4 JANUARY 2021

I have been holding off making any kind of announcement because, quite frankly, I have really struggled with making a decision. This announcement confirms that I will continue to offer a limited service, prioritising the welfare of your pooches, and sets out my commitment to support all customers where we may need to re-schedule over the next few weeks ahead.
As with the Lockdown in March, there is so much contradictory guidance being given from a variety of sources, including Trading Standards, Environmental Health and MSPs about what we can and cannot do. And then there’s the "what we can and what we should do" dilemma ……. there’s also the added complication of me ensuring that I am insured to groom ……. which relies on me following government guidance. So when everyone is singing from different song sheets, it's not just the bath water that gets muddy!!
At the moment, I intend to offer a reduced service, but that is obviously subject to change according to the situation. Finding a balance between ensuring a duty of care to the furry favourites I am entrusted to look after, while also taking account of the public health emergency, the safety of you and yours and me and mine, remains paramount. The guidance is clear….. if I can, I should work from home, but if I can’t, then going to work is a reason to leave home …… and dog grooming remains on the list of businesses which can stay open to ensure the welfare of our 4 legged friends (updated 8 January 2021).
I don’t use public transport to get to work. I work alone. I don’t come into physical contact with hoomans when carrying out my work. I wear gloves at the petrol station. And my COVID protocol fully complies with Government guidance.
My understanding of the guidance as it currently stands is that I can continue to offer service to those most in need of it, as a preventative endeavour. I have several woolly/heavy coated breeds, and dogs with medical conditions who are due their groom, without which, I believe, would compromise their welfare going forward. Some I know would quickly become matted from this point on and suffer in the cold weather as their coats get wet and heavy, with matts (and snowballs….. ) which just don’t dry, leading to skin issues and general discomfort, and who will have hard matts forming between paw pads with the potential for extreme irritation/infection when compounded by rock salt and grit. All this, despite the best efforts of their lovely hoomans. The SSPCA have educated the Scottish Government on the importance of regular grooming being paramount to the welfare of specific breeds of dog and they have recognised this by allowing us Groomies to continue to do what we do best.
After much soul searching, I have therefore concluded that I will continue to offer a limited service for those furries who need me most during this latest Lockdown (for as long as the conditions allow). Every single one of my doggy clients is important. That’s a given. But some need me more than others right now. I therefore need to temporarily withdraw service from dogs with matt-free hair in need of a trim, and for those big and not so big bubbas in need of a bath and brush only. Hopefully, at worst, it will only be a matter of rolling forward appointments to their next due date. Some other pooches who can wait a couple of weeks longer than normal will be asked to do so. This will enable me to provide a required service, whilst respecting the spirit of the rules of Lockdown. And you are assured that as soon as is possible, normal service will resume.
I’ll be in touch with each of you individually as your appointment comes onto the radar when we will assess your dog’s condition together. I’m sure you can appreciate how difficult it is for me to plan ahead just now, when we don’t know how long this situation will last, and I thank you all for your continued support of Wagg-On and your co-operation during these very difficult times.
And of course, if anyone who is offered service wishes to postpone for any reason whatsoever, I completely understand.
EDIT: If snow arrives, please note that I will not risk the Wagg-On or risk adding to the already stretched NHS by driving in it.
Please note that I continue to be unable to offer appointments to new clients at this time.
Stay safe everyone.
With warmest wishes and woofs


20 NOVEMBER 2020

And so, the clock has chimed 6pm and many of us now find ourselves in a second Lockdown.
All COVID secure protocols which have been in place since March, and which were reviewed and adapted in May will, of course, continue. The only addition, given the higher level of infections in our area, is a request to all my lovely dog pawrents to now wear a mask for handover. Yes, it’s Belt ‘n’ Braces …….. and Masks! While I’m sure that the 3m distance lead I use to collect my furry favourites from their secure location, together with my mask, is sufficient, I believe this additional safety precaution can only enhance our mutual protection.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and co-operation throughout what is such a strange and difficult time for everyone …… and of course, if anyone would prefer to postpone an appointment until this latest period of Lockdown is eased, just let me know and we can reschedule.
I would reiterate that I am unable to offer appointments to new clients at this time.
Stay safe and well everyone.
With warmest wishes and woofs,
Christine ❤️


Be here before we know it……. some good advice from Vets Now on how to help prepare our furry friends ahead of 5 November……

Lots of people are planning to leave hallowe’en treats in their gardens because of the COVID situation. So important to ensure that our furry friends don’t indulge!!!!

Some handy advice on making sure Hallowe’en isn’t a danger for dogs……http://www.dogster.com/the-scoop/halloween-dangers-for-dogs

28 MAY 2020

Dog Buns…..Be Gone!


Today’s announcement has given me the green light I’ve been waiting for and I’m delighted to say that the Wagg-On will be back on the road from tomorrow. It’s by no means “business as usual” but everyone who had an appointment cancelled due to the current crisis will shortly receive an email from me with the offer of a new appointment, together with a DOGUMENT, which details my new working practice and the precautions I will be taking to help to mitigate the risk of contracting/transmitting the virus whilst providing a grooming service. Your appointment offer will stand for 24 hours and I just need to hear back from you, via email (MUST be email please as this will be added to your records as an acceptance of my new Terms and Conditions of Service), to confirm your booking. So ….. please look out for your email over the next couple of days…..

All Wagg-On dogs are VIPs (Very Important Pooches). Every. Single. One. But … some need me more quickly than others because of their coat type, length of time since their last groom and/or health conditions. I have 150 dogs to attend to. It’s only Me, Myself and I running Wagg-On. I will be working longer hours and extra days to take care of all the loyal Wagg-On pooches as quickly as is possible …. and as well as grooming them, I also have additional cleaning and disinfection procedures to carry out during and between dogs (so the old adage “why don’t you just stick a brush ……” really does apply!!!). I thank you for trusting me to prioritise your dog according to need …. and I thank you too for not asking to skip the queue .

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience,
your support and for your loyalty throughout this very difficult time for all of us.

Look forward to seeing all my Wee Woolly Mammoths and Big Giant Yetis….. and their lovely hoomans ….. soon! ❤️


22 March 2020


I was hoping that I would not need to write a Post such as this, but I’m afraid the time has come.

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce my decision to TEMPORARILY SUSPEND the service provided by Wagg-On Dog Grooming due to the current outbreak of COVID-19. This situation will be under continuous review and my service will resume as soon as it is deemed ‘safe’ to do so by the experts. I plan on rolling appointments forward but since we are dealing with an unknown quantity, it’s difficult to plan ahead at the moment.

Since this virus started, I have been firefighting, putting in place every precautionary measure possible in an attempt to ensure the safety of you, my lovely Wagg-On Family, and of myself and my own family. However, it seems now that the risk to us all is just too great and so I have made the heartbreaking decision to stop for now until the peak of the virus is reached.

This decision will immediately wipe out my livelihood, and for who knows how long. It will also completely wipe out my ‘lovelihood’, because as you all know, I just love what I do. However, for the sake of the health and well-being of all of us and our families, I believe that this is the right thing to do. I do hope you understand.

I will be in touch with each of you individually as your appointments come onto the radar, and will, of course, post updates here. You can rest assured that Wagg-On will be back on the road when we get through this and are all safely through the other side.

Please look after each other and my furbabies til I see you all again……..in what will be my brand new, shiny Wagg-On! Timing, eh?

Keep safe everyone. I hope to see you all again soon.


18 March 2020


This is a hugely worrying time for everyone. I just want to reassure all of you, my wonderfully loyal customers, that the health and wellbeing of all of our families and of your furbabies, continues to be my Number 1 priority. These are unprecedented times for all of us and I have implemented a number of additional measures when working with you in line with Government guidelines.

I will continue to offer the usual, first class Wagg-On service for as long as I am well and/or until Lockdown is imposed.

If you have any concerns, you or your family are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 and/or are self-isolating, then please let me know and we can reschedule.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support. Keep safe and well everyone. Our health is our wealth. ❤️

24 January 2020

Yoshi, forever with me……8 years on.

19 August 2019

It’s great to be back!

11 June 2019

Such a sad story…..and a reminder for us all to be extra vigilant when out walking with our furbabies……https://www.kirkintilloch-herald.co.uk/news/vets-did-everything-they-could-to-save-harvey-1-4945019?fbclid=IwAR2cr13_-VQh20i2dupUP73UpK2wqQJ9f3YaKZoIHEPYftZow8Pb05MJeBg

17 March 2019

Well, yesterday it was snowing…..today, it felt very springlike. Here’s a useful reminder of some springtime hazards …… https://www.vets-now.com/infographic-13-springtime-dangers-that-could-make-your-dog-ill/

14 February 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my adorable little Furbabies! 

24 January 2019

7 years on……miss you still, I always will. My beloved Yoshi boy.

1 January 2019

Yappy new year! Hope it’s healthy and happy for us all.

25 December  2018

Merry Christmas to all my customers…..canine and hooman, old and new!


28 October 2018

Lots of fireworks about causing distress to our furry friends. Here is some advice to help reduce the impact …….https://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/general/fireworks

18 September 2018

Autumn is beautiful…..but still brings challenges for our pooches. Here’s some things to be aware of……https://www.vets-now.com/2017/09/dangers-dogs-autumn/

1 September 2018

Wagg-On is 5 years old today!!!!! Yappy Woofday to us! I cannot believe so much time has passed since Wagg-On was born. I continue to love what I do as much today as then…….and I consider myself very lucky to have so many lovely clients. I really do feel blessed. Here’s to Wagg-On ……. which wouldn’t be here without you …… and I never take that for granted!

13 August 2018

I came across this recently and it really touched me…….such a lovely way of thinking about our canine friends who are with us for way too short a time……..it’s a lengthy piece, but I think it is well worth a read…..


Here’s the surprising answer of a 6 year old child.

Being a Vet, I had been called to examine a 10 yo Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog’s owners and their little boy were very attached to Belker and they were hoping for a miracle. After examining Belker, I found he was dying of cancer and I told the family we couldn’t do anything for him. I offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home. As we made arrangements, Belker’s Mum and Dad thought it would be good for their 6 yo son to observe the procedure, thinking he might learn something from the experience. The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker’s family surrounded him. The little boy seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped away peacefully.

The little boy seemed to accept Belker’s transition without any difficulty or confusion. We sat together for a while after Belker’s death, wondering aloud about the sad fact that dogs’ lives are shorter than human lives. The little boy, who had been listening quietly, piped up “I know why”. We all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I’d never heard a more comforting explanation. It has changed the way I try to live.

He said “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life – like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?” The 6 year old continued…..”Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay for as long as we do”.

Remember, if a dog was the teacher, you would learn things like

When your loved ones come home, always run to greet them

Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride

Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy

Take naps

Stretch before rising

Run, romp and play daily

Thrive on attention and let people touch you

Avoid biting when a simple growl will do

On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass

On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree

When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body

Delight in the simple joy of a long walk

Be faithful

Never pretend to be something you’re not

If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it

When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently

That’s the secret of happiness that we can learn from a good dog

 25 July 2018

A quick reminder about the dangers of (hot) pavements and (hot) artificial grass ……https://www.vets-now.com/…/never-walk-dogs-hot-asphalt-tar…/

 22 June 2018

It’s hot hot hot out there! Here’s some great advice on identifying and preventing heatstroke in our pooches……


22 May 2018

Stings and things……some information for treatment of stings from bees, wasps and nettles



24 April 2018

Spring is here and gardens are coming to life……check out this handy info as a reminder about plants which are toxic to our pooches……https://www.doglistener.co.uk/garden-plants-poisonous-dogs

20 February 2018

The dangers of food bins is highlighted by Rocky’s story. Please take care to ensure these are secured and not able to be opened by our canine friends……..https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/video-vet-in-warning-over-food-bins-after-dog-left-seriously-ill-with-repeated-seizures-1-8384406

24 January 2018

Remembering my beautiful bullmastiff boy who crossed The Bridge on this date, 2012. Yoshi, you are always in my heart.

20 January 2018

Whit a week! Mother Nature 3, Wagg-On – 0! Service severely curtailed this week thanks to the snow. It’s too much of a risk to take the Wagg-On out when the white stuff is about. Thank you to all my lovely, loyal customers for their understanding, flexibility, consideration and patience during this period of adverse weather. Roll on spring!

17 January 2018

Keep your wits about you when walking your dog……..happy ending for Archie, but it could have been very, very different……https://www.vets-now.com/2018/01/poisoning-in-dogs/

17 January 2018

…….and today! Enough already…..I have work to do!

16 January 2018

Snow? No go! Wagg-On is snowbound today…….roll on spring!

1 January 2018

Yappy New Year everyone! I hope it is a healthy, happy and peaceful one for us all.  See you all soon!

25 December 2017

Merry Christmas to all my lovely customers (both canine and human!). Thank you for the many cards, gifts and festive wishes I have received…..quite overwhelmed and very appreciative of your kindness and generosity. It’s been another fantastic year here at Wagg-On and I would like to thank you all for your continued custom and support. See you next year!

1 November 2017

Try this simple solution to help reduce your dog’s anxiety during Fireworks……. https://www.thedodo.com/dogs-fireworks-trick-1529471151.html

1 November 2017

Just over Hallowe’en …… and now time to make sure our pets are safe when the Fireworks are banging and whooshing…….https://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/general/fireworks

31 October 2017

Handy tips to ensure your pooch stays safe on Hallowe’en…….http://www.dogster.com/the-scoop/halloween-dangers-for-dogs

11 October 2017

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling……..and so are the conkers, which can be dangerous to our pooches. Check out this advice to help keep your pet safe from these dangers…….https://www.vets-now.com/pet-c…/dangers-of-conkers-for-dogs/

10 August 2017

Excellent information on Garden Dangers…….https://www.vets-now.com/2017/07/9-dog-garden-dangers-poisons-hazards/

8 July 2017

A really good wee quiz to test your knowledge of what’s harmful to your pet……


3 June 2017

Just a wee reminder……


26 May 2017

It’s hot, hot, hot! Here are some great tips on keeping dogs cool during the heatwave:


25 May 2017

Hot pavements can burn paws. This advice helps prevent that:


14 April 2017

Happy Easter to all my lovely customers! Just a wee reminder to keep your Ea

dog easter egg warning

ster egg collection out of reach of the furries. Remember, chocolate is toxic to dogs.


26 March 2017

TICK tock……the clocks spring forward ……. and the ticks come out to play. Just a wee reminder to check your pet regularly and take vet advice on flea/tick prevention. Yep, it’s that time of year again!

17 February 2017

Such a sad tale, this little dog’s death will not be in vain if we can all learn from it.


14 February 2017

It almost felt like spring today! Yappy Valentine’s day to all my lovely little canines!

24 January 2017

My Yoshi, somewhere over the rainbow. Five years on and still sorely missed.

25 December 2016

Merry Christmas to all my lovely customers. Thank you all for your custom – we wouldn’t be here without you and I know it – and for the generosity and kindness so many of you have shown me this Festive Season.  Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. Look forward to seeing you all next year!

11 December 2016


It’s getting to that time of year again when there is an abundance of rich foods and treats about. Lots of opportunities for nosey paws to get into trouble, healthwise. Please make sure that all chocolate treats an festive foods are kept out of paws’ reach……




This article highlights just how easily things can go badly wrong……





3 November 2016

Guy Fawkes’ Night……..here’s some great advice for helping to keep your pooch safe/calm at this very noisy time of year:   https://www.vets-now.com/pet-owners/pet-care-advice/handy-infographic-to-help-your-pet-cope-this-bonfire-night/

26 October 2016

Halloween is approaching fast. Make sure your pooch is safe …….. candy, chocolate, candles and costumes can all pose dangers to our beloved pooches.  This link provides some valuable advice/information:  http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/veterinaryqa/tp/5-Halloween-Safety-Tips-for-Pets.htm

27 September 2016

I am so very sorry to hear that 4 of my lovely canine customers have recently crossed Rainbow Bridge – Heidi, Ralfie, Tammi and Kala. My heartfelt thoughts are with each of their lovely families who, I know, will be heartbroken by each of their losses. It’s a very tough time, as anyone who has lost a beloved pet will know. Thinking of you all.

1 September 2016

We’re 3 years old today! Happy Birthday to Wagg-On! I can hardly believe that 3 years have passed since Wagg-On was born. It has gone from strength to strength with over 300 customers on the books! Thank you to all my lovely clients, old and new. Wagg-On wouldn’t be here without you and I know it!

Here’s a birthday video to give you a wee chuckle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XydLwRsCfsg

9 June 2016

Just a wee word of warning: over the past 2 days I have heard of dogs who have been bitten by Adders – one in the Bearsden & Milngavie area and one in Stepps. Sadly, one of these dogs had to be put to sleep as a result of the bite.

Adders like to bask in the sun and the warm weather is encouraging them out of their lairs. They also like wooded areas and long grass and will only strike when they feel threatened……. so during this warm weather, it may be an idea to keep your dog on the lead if you can’t see clearly what is lurking in the grass…….

8 June 2016

Do you know what to do if your dog is stung by a wasp or a bee? Not just uncomfortable and annoying for our pooches, it can lead to serious allergic reactions……..here is some valuable advice on what to do if this happens to your furry friend:


 7 June 2016

The temperatures are soaring (and searing!)……and there has been advice posted on here about what you can do to keep your pooch cool, how to avoid, identify and treat heatstroke and we know how important it is to walk our dogs at cooler times of the day……. pavements get very, very hot and your dog’s paws can get badly burned.  Here are some tips to help prevent this: http://www.barksandbunnies.co.uk/blogs/albies-adventures/14879293-albies-indoor-adventure-no-paws-on-hot-pavements

 6 June 2016

Phew! It’s HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!! Do you know how to prevent your pooch getting heatstroke? If he did develop it, would you know what to do? Check out this advice from Vets Now……


12 May 2016

The weather is heating up……time to make sure your pooch is a cool dude rather than a Hot Dog! Here are some tips on helping them keep comfortable in the heat:


2 May 2016

Tick, tock, tick, tock……yep, that time again……..have a chat with your Vet and make sure your dog’s tick/flea prevention treatment is up to date.

1 April 2016

Quick reminder! All dogs must, by law, be microchipped by 6 April……..

16 March 2016



29 February 2016

From the 6 April 2016, it will be compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped and their owners’ details registered and kept up to date in a database complying with certain conditions. This will help reunite lost dogs with their owners. Failure to comply could result in fines of up to £500.

Dogs Trust are offering FREE microchipping at various locations, notably:

GLASGOW: Glasgow Rehoming Centre, 351 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, G71 7SL Contact them on 0141 773 5130 to make an appointment.

PERTH: North Inch Park, Perth @ North Inch Park, Perth PH1 5HS on March 2 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. No appointment necessary, just turn up on the day.

Your local Vet may also be able to offer this service for a fee.


5 February 2016

Got a puppy? Live in Auchterarder or surrounding areas? Need some help with training mini pooch? Then why not give Trisha at DoggyBeGood Puppy Training a call on 07789 603494……

4 February 2016

Have I ever told you just how much I love my job? Baby Spaniel Smooches, Terrier Tickles, Yodelling Yorkies, Sheltie Stars, Cockerpoo Cuddles, GSD Gorgeousness, Bashful Bichons, Lhasa Love, Bulldog Buddies, Boxer Bubbles, Newfie Nuzzles, Westie Warmth, Shih Tzu Snuffles, Schnauzer Snuggles, Labrador Lollops, Retriever Romps, Poodle Poshness, Leonberger Leanings, Collie Crushes, Maltese Madness, Doodle Daftness, Rottie Romance……oh, the list is endless! I’m very lucky to have such lovely customers and very privileged to be allowed to share in their furry friends’ lives. Thank you everyone!

26 January 2016

From the 6 April 2016, it will be compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped and their owners’ details registered and kept up to date in a database complying with certain conditions. This will help reunite lost dogs with their owners. Failure to comply could result in fines of up to £500.

Dogs Trust are offering FREE microchipping at various locations, notably:

GLASGOW: Glasgow Rehoming Centre, 351 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, G71 7SL Contact them on 0141 773 5130 to make an appointment.

PERTH: North Inch Park, Perth @ North Inch Park, Perth PH1 5HS on March 2 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. No appointment necessary, just turn up on the day.

Your local Vet may also be able to offer this service for a fee.

24 January 2016

4 years on, I still miss my Yoshi boy. Your paw prints are forever in my heart.

16 January 2016

Snow. Ice. Grit. Salt. A Winter Wonderland maybe, but for precious paws, a source of irritant with potentially fatal consequences. Check out this article which warns of the dangers of grit and salt and what you can do to protect your pooch:


8 January 2016

Baby, it’s cold outside…….check out this handy infosheet to help keep pooches safe in colder temperatures.


22 December 2015

And so another busy grooming year draws to a close. Now in my second year, 2015 has been a fabulous one for Wagg-On Dog Grooming. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me the privilege of grooming your precious pooches. Wagg-On would not be here without you, and I know it. Big and small, I’ve groomed ‘em all! There have been some sad moments too and I would like to raise a toast to those beloved dogs who crossed Rainbow Bridge this year. You will never be forgotten.

I am quite overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity shown to me and would like to say a big thank you for the gifts of wine, chocolates and (as yet, unwrapped!) parcels I have received from my little canine friends. So…..THANK YOU! I also received lots of tips and have chosen to donate some of this money to Clyde’s Cash for Kids Christmas Appeal, so thank you again, everyone, for your generosity.

Wagg-On is now closed for the holidays and will be back on the road on 4 January. Have a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2016…….now, where’s that corkscrew?

With warmest wishes and woofs,

18 December 2015

Lots of good advice around on making sure our pets are safe at Christmas…….



30 November 2015

First day of advent tomorrow……please remember and keep those chocolate calendars out of reach of wet noses and waggy tails! Remember, chocolate is poisonous to our pooches….

27 October 2015

Soon be time for fireworks……and that’s a scary prospect for many of our furry friends. Check out this advice from RSPCA on how to reduce the impact of fireworks on our pets.


1 October 2015

Temperatures are dipping, leaves are turning and darker nights are almost here…..autumn is such a beautiful season, but brings with it some dangers to our precious pets. Check out this information from Vets Now to help keep your pet safe:   http://www.vets-now.com/pet-owners/dog-care-advice/autumn-dangers-for-dogs/

14 September 2015

PARASITE WARNING: Recent research has found that Lungworm is endemic in UK and has been found in 3 Country Parks in and around Glasgow. Slugs and snails, and their slimey trails, can be potentially fatal to dogs. For further information: http://www.clyde1.com/loca…/parasote-warning-for-dog-owners/


10 September 2015

A new page has been added to Wagg-On’s website in memory of all the beautiful dogs I have groomed and who have now crossed Rainbow Bridge. I feel a sadness whenever I get the news that one of my lovely canine customers has died, and an empathy for the owners who have lost a treasured family pet. May memories and paw prints live in your hearts forever.

1 September 2015

We’re 2 today! Let’s Pawty! Thank you, everyone, for your continued support of Wagg-On. We have gone from strength to strength in the 2 years we have been running and it’s all thanks to you and your lovely canines! Big and small, I’ve groomed them all and I thank my lucky stars every day for the privilege! Paws up for Wagg-On!

5 August 2015

Well, just back from a fortnight in Sicily. Meet the biggest Great Dane I’ve ever seen over there…..why, he understood Italian perfectly! Thankfully, his owner took him into consideration and walked him after the sun had gone down and the pavements were a little cooler…..

3 July 2015

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot! Please make sure your pooch can keep cool…..here is some advice given by Vets Now on keeping your pet cool and the symptoms of heatstroke and what to do if you suspect this. This is a serious condition which can quickly become fatal. http://www.vets-now.com/pe…/dog-care-advice/heatstroke-dogs/

12 June 2015

Dogs die in hot cars! Please do not leave your dog in the car on a warm/sunny day. Even if you plan on being away only a short time. The consequences could be fatal. The temperature inside a car can rise very quickly, your dog can overheat with fatal results. Wagg-On is fully ventilated and has a cooling fan so there are no worries there.

When outside on a hot, sunny day you must make sure you look out for signs of overheating, dehydration and even sunburn. Make sure your pooch can rest in a cool area and has access to plenty of fresh water.  If s/he exhibits any of the following signs, veterinary assistance should be sought immediately.

  • excessive panting
  • thick salivation
  • vomiting/diarrhoea
  • lack of co-ordination or
  • loss of consciousness

9 June 2015

Where has time gone? It’s summer today (might not be tomorrow though!) and so I thought it was time to issue a wee reminder about stings…..what to do if your pooch investigate small, buzzy creatures and ends up with a nasty sting!

First, avoid temptation to remove bee stings with tweezers because this can force more venom into your pooch. Instead, swipe down with a credit card or similar to force the sting out. Wasps don’t tend to leave their stings behind, which means they can sting more than once.

Next, apply a paste of baking soda and water for bee stings to the affected area – this will help to reduce the pain. An ice pack (wrapped in a towel) will also help.

For wasp stings, apply lemon juice to the affected area.

Make sure you look out for reactions – some pooches will be allergic to the stings of a bee/wasp and it can be fatal.  Signs to look for are general weakness, difficulty breathing or lethargy. Call your Vet immediately if any such symptoms occur and get to the Vet straight away.

Finally, prevention is always better than cure. Keep your dog away from flowers where bees like to collect pollen/nectar, from wasps’ nests/bees’ hives. Check water dishes too…..drowned bees/wasps can still have a sting which will cause problems for your pooch if ingested.

Better safe than sorry…..

11  April 2015

TICK, TOCK……..yes it’s that TIME again – I have removed 2 ticks this week. Please check your dog regularly for ticks – they look like little warts on your dog’s skin…..they can be reddish brown (deer ticks) or greyish (sheep ticks) in colour and are nasty little blighters. Care should be taken when removing them – make sure you don’t leave the head embedded in your dog. You can buy specialist tick removing tools from your Vet.

1 April 2015

It’s almost Easter and that means lots of chocolate treats will be about. Remember that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so best keep those Easter treats out of paws’ reach. If your pooch does get some chocolate by accident, here is some good advice given by Vets Now: http://www.vets-now.com/pet-owners/dog-care-advice/dog-eaten-chocolate/

21  March 2015

Spring has sprung and gardens are coming to life! But did you know that there are many plants/shrubs which are toxic to dogs? Check out http://www.dogsinthegarden.co.uk/plants-toavoid.html for a list of plants to avoid. Beware of water sources too – bird baths, water-filled plant pots and garden ponds can be very attractive to thirsty pooches, but can pose a real danger……

26 February 2015

Wagg-On Dog Grooming is busier than ever! We get lots of calls, texts and Facebook messages on a daily basis which is fantastic and we are delighted that our service is so popular.  In fact, we are booking 6 – 8 weeks ahead at the moment. When you call, you are likely to be connected to our voicemail service and that’s because we never answer calls while we are grooming dogs. To do so would break the concentration of both groomer and dog which could cause a health and safety issue. We also don’t want to prolong the time a pooch is on the table by answering calls during the groom. Because we like to spend time getting a good understanding of our clients’ requirements and their dogs’ needs, each call back can take 5 or 10 minutes. When we are not grooming, we are driving to our next appointment.  And when we arrive home at night, we have cleaning and admin duties to perform too……and that’s all before we have our tea!  We will always get  back to you within 24 hours of you contacting us - whether you get in touch by phone, text or Facebook message. You can help us be as efficient in doing so by leaving your contact details, as well as the breed of dog you would like groomed and the area in which you live. Look forward to hearing from you!

24 January 2015

Yoshi, gone but never forgotten.  Still miss my beautiful big boy.

14 January 2015

Oh, roll on spring……!

13 January 2015

Well! First big snow of the season……and it has caused havoc! Not able to reach appointments in Dunning and Dunblane today because of road conditions. After bad snow experience last month and a rather nasty and potentially very dangerous skid at Gleneagles today, Wagg-On now has a “Snow? No Go” Policy…..better safe than sorry. I will always keep in touch with my customers to let them know what’s happening and reschedule appointments if necessary. Better to be safe than sorry…..

11 December 2014

Appointments in Carrickstone today + snow = van says no……

What a scary time I had today…..heading up the big hill to Carrickstone and snow comes on. Snowplough appears as if by magic and I followed it up the hill…..then he left me! Very shortly after and I was stuck – couldn’t get up the hill. Not much fun in a 2.5 tonne truck! Had to reschedule all appointments for the day – thanks to all my lovely customers for being so accommodating. Nothing we can do about Mother Nature I guess…..

4 December 2014

Christmas is just around the corner……here are a few wee reminders to help us make sure we keep our pooches safe as we prepare for the big day!
Fairy lights: make sure you cover any trailing wires to make sure your pets aren’t tempted to …investigate and bite through the cable.Decorations: make sure they are well out of paws’ reach – swallowing a wee bauble or even stepping on a glass one can cause your pet a nasty injury and unnecessary pain and suffering.Plants: did you know that holly, poinsettia and mistletoe are poisonous to our pets? Best keep them out of the way of wet noses and waggy tails.Toys: keep an eye on what your pet does with his Christmas gifts from Santa Paws…..squeakers, bones, etc…….be vigiliant.Visitors: be aware that the excitement of guests and present opening can cause your pet to behave differently. Allow them to retreat to a quiet place and chill – better safe than sorry.Treats: lots of our festive fayre is poisonous to pets….check out this infographic for more details…..

10525655_848542028531596_1976155156181701980_n (2)




1 December 2014

First day of advent today! Make sure those chocolate advent calendars are out of reach of wet noses and waggy tails…..as you know, chocolate is toxic to dogs.

4 November 2014

Remember, remember, the 5th of November.  Here is some excellent advice ahead of tomorrow’s fireworks, courtesy of Vets Now…..


4 October 2014

Just back from a fantastic canine behaviour seminar today. To be an effective Groomer, I believe that it is necessary to have a good understanding of canine psychology in order to communicate most effectively with the pooches I groom. Today’s seminar got right inside the canine mind and was very useful.  The seminar leader also discussed the importance of food…..too much protein and the dog is stuck to the ceiling BEFORE you factor in walks, other dogs, other people, postmen, etc……Following lots of research by the seminar staff, it was suggested that a maximum of 18% protein be fed to our pooches to contain their energy levels in a way that is manageable. What protein levels are in the food you feed your pet? Might be worth checking out that packaging……

If you are looking for independent advice on dog food, you might like to check out this site:  www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk

17 September 2014

Fancy having your pooch photographed? SONY DSCPhotographer Gary Johnston does a pawtastic job of capturing pets on film. Mine is the one in the top right corner!

Newsletter1 September 2014

Yappy Woofday to us, Yappy Woofday to us, Yappy Woofday to Wagg-On, Yappy Woofday to us! Yes, we are 1 year old today! Hip hip hooray!  You can read all about our first year in the Newsletter opposite.






20 August 2014

Attended another pawtastic Seminar on Canine Behaviour. What a fabulous insight into the communication patterns of our pooches. You will already know when your dog needs out, wants dinner, NEEDS you to go and fetch your boots and jacket and take him for a walk RIGHT NOW……!  This Seminar discusses the importance of our canine friends’ communication methods on the grooming table and helps us Groomers to ensure that stress levels are managed appropriately. Really interesting stuff!

5 August 2014

Did you know that there is a Pet Blood Bank which Vets can call upon when required? This essential service relies on donations from our pets and to become a blood donor, our canine friends must meet the following criteria:

  • Weigh more than 25 kg
  • Is between 1 year old and 8 years old
  • Is in good health, fully vaccinated and has a quiet temperament
  • Is not on any medication
  • Has never had a blood transfusion
  • Has never travelled outside the UK and Eire

For more information, visit the Pet Blood Bank website at www.petbloodbankuk.org

29 July 2014

Just back from a fabulous 2 weeks in Greece where it was HOT, HOT, HOT! We met lots of dogs, some big, some small, some hairy…..some very, very hairy! Do you know that not one of them was ‘shaved off’. They knew how to keep themselves cool……lots of shade, the occasional paddle or wallow in little pools provided just for them, consumption of lots of fresh drinking water and because their coats where brushed out, their natural ability to keep themselves cool kicked in……even on the very, very hairy dogs!

7 July 2014

Wow! We are getting more and more popular by the day! Wagg-On Dog Grooming is now fully booked until the middle of August!!!! Thank you to all our customers, old and new, for their support. We wouldn’t be here without you!

6 July 2014

A lady called Rose Innes from the Cumbernauld area left me a voicemail last week with a mobile telephone number which was not connecting. I tried several times to contact Rose via the number she provided using different phones……I even texted a message to the number she left but could not get in touch with her.  Rose tried again to reach me today – left me the same number and the same thing happened. I put an appeal on Wagg-On’s Facebook page thinking that I may be able to reach her through that medium, to no avail. Customer service is very important to me and I hate the idea that someone out there thinks I have not bothered to return their calls.  There is nothing I can do – if someone leaves me a wrong number (call log displayed ‘Private Number’), then I have no way of getting in touch. I just wanted to post this to emphasise the importance of checking and leaving a correct contact number and on the off chance that Rose may visit this Blog page.

2 July 2014

It’s hot, hot, hot! Our canine friends are just as susceptible to sunburn as we are. It is important to make sure that they are protected from the harmful rays of the sun to prevent sunburn and even canine skin cancer.  An article in today’s edition of The Scotsman provides lots of sensible advice to help us ensure our pets are comfortable and safe in the sun.  http://www.scotsman.com/news/burnt-hot-dogs-are-for-barbecues-so-use-pet-sunscreen-1-1268547

9 June 2014

I got some very sad news a few days ago.  One of my lovely canine customers crossed Rainbow Bridge very suddenly. My heart goes out to her lovely family who have suffered a devastating blow. Maude was a beautiful girl with a wonderful character and was loved by all who knew her, including me. Maude was one of the my first customers and her family committed to having her groomed every 7 weeks.  I had a wonderful bond with her. Pet loss is very difficult to deal with and is often under estimated by non pet owning people. I have gone through the difficult process of losing a pet several times now and understand completely the sense of loss which follows. The Blue Cross organisation offers a confidential Counselling Service for anyone who needs someone to talk to about their loss. http://www.bluecross.org.uk/1742/losing-a-pet.html

31 May 2014

Dogs can die in hot cars. Dogs can suffer heatstroke. Dogs can suffer sunburn. Check out the advice offered by the RSPCA to make sure our canine friends stay safe and cool:  http://www.rspca.org.uk/allaboutanimals/pets/dogs/health/dogsinhotcars

24 May 2014


Myth #1:  Shaving my dog in summer will keep him cool.

Fact #1: No it won’t. If your dog has a double coat, the undercoat will insulate him against the cold in winter and keep him cool in summer. Shaving him will remove his natural ability to keep himself cool in warmer weather. Unlike us humans, he does not cool himself through his skin.  Instead, he pants to cool down. So, when you see him panting, he’s doing it because he is cooling himself down. He will also sweat through his paw pads.  Shaving his coat will also remove his natural protection against the sun’s harmful rays and his protection against bug bites.

Myth #2: Shaving my dog will reduce shedding.

Fact #2: No it won’t. Dogs with undercoats shed. End of story. Shaving a dog will not prevent this, although the hairs will be shorter when shed. A good, regular grooming protocol will help reduce shedding because you are removing the shed-able coat.

Myth #3: It’s okay to shave my dog. The hair will grow back.

Fact #3: Not necessarily. It may grow back eventually, but it will never be the same. Your pooch could end up with a coat which will never shine, always look patchy/scruffy and which offers no protection from the sun or bug bites.

6 May 2014

TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK……..yes it’s that TIME again when ticks and other pests are out to bother our pooches.  Please check your dog regularly for ticks – they look like little warts on your dog’s skin…..they can be reddish brown (deer ticks) or greyish (sheep ticks) in colour and are nasty little blighters. Care should be taken when removing them – make sure you don’t leave the head embedded in your dog. You can buy specialist tick removing tools from your Vet.

Bees and wasps are also out in force now. If your dog gets stung by a bee, it will leave its sting on your dog. Using a credit card or similar, swipe the sting off in a swift downward diagonal motion and bathe the area with a solution of Bicarbonate of Soda.  In the case of  wasp sting, there is nothing to remove, but you should bathe the area in diluted lemon juice or vinegar.  If you’re unsure what has stung your dog, apply ice to the area to reduce any swelling and irritation.  In all cases, keep your eye on the affected area for a few days and contact your Vet if at all concerned.   Some dogs may have an extreme allergic reaction to a sting; you should immediately seek Veterinary help if your dog displays any difficulties breathing.  Wagg-On has taken precautions to reduce the likelihood of your dog being stung whilst being groomed. We have fly screens across all windows.

26 April 2014

A day in the life……spring has definitely sprung and Wagg-On Dog Grooming is busier than ever! We get lots of calls on a daily basis which is fantastic and we are delighted that our service is so popular.  When you call, you are likely to be connected to our voicemail service and that’s because we never answer calls while we are grooming dogs. To do so would break the concentration of both groomer and dog which could cause a health and safety issue. We also don’t want to prolong the time a pooch is on the table by answering calls during the groom. Because we like to spend time getting a good understanding of our clients’ requirements and their dogs’ needs, each call back can take 5 or 10 minutes. When we are not grooming, we are driving to our next appointment.  And when we arrive home at night, we have cleaning and admin duties to perform too……and that’s all before we have our tea!  We will always get  back to you within 24 hours of you contacting us - whether you get in touch by phone, text or Facebook message. You can help us be as efficient in doing so by leaving your contact details, as well as the breed of dog you would like groomed and the area in which you live. Look forward to hearing from you!

23 April 2014

Christine recently attended a Low Stress Handling and Restraint course (for our canine friends, not for Christine!) which provided lots of really useful tips for helping nervous dogs become more accepting of the grooming process.  It’s amazing how comforting a wee towel around their necks can be – it makes them feel more secure. And of course, because we work one to one with each dog in our care, they have our undivided attention for the duration of their groom.

18 April 2014

Easter eggs and chocolate novelties abound at this time of year, but please remember that to your furry friend, chocolate can be highly toxic. Have a Happy Easter!

5 April 2014

Does your dog have a double coat?  This means that there is a layer of soft, fluffy fur closest to his skin – known as the undercoat - and longer guard hairs which form  top coat.  Regular brushing is essential to ensure that the soft, fluffy undercoat is removed which will help to ensure that your dog remains comfortable and matt free.  Double coated breeds will be insulated in the winter and kept cool in the summer. For that reason, a double coat should NOT be shaved – not even in the hot weather.  Nature has provided the perfect coat for those dogs to ensure they stay cool in the summer. Shaving that protection off will not only reduce the cooling properties, it will leave your pooch prone to the harmful rays of the sun!  Remember, our 4 legged friends do not cool down through their skin – they cool down through their paw pads and through panting.  So, to keep your pooch cool in the summer heat, just make sure that he is brushed thoroughly and regularly to ensure that the air can circulate through his coat and do what it was designed to do.  Now, bring on that summer sunshine….

9 March 2014

Doggy Language! Attended a fantastic workshop today on Canine Body Language. Our dogs communicate with us in so many ways which can be missed in the blink of an eye. Fascinating subject and one which I look forward to learning more about.

7 March 2014

Spent a wonderful day at Crufts today! I had the privilege of observing various demonstrations by Police dogs, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Agility and some fantastic obedience work. Our Canine Friends are more than just a waggy tail! The dogs in the demos I watched looked so happy to be doing their job……and the reward? A ball, a Frisbee, oh, and sometimes a treat!

28 February 2014

Are you Lungworm Aware?  This parasite is carried by slugs, snails, larvae on frogs and if ingested by dogs, can cause serious illness, and even death if not treated.  You can read more about lungworm at http://www.lungworm.co.uk/

22 February 2014

Following reports of the death of a puppy in Cornwall after it bit into a e-Cigarette refill, the British Veterinary Association are warning owners to keep them out of the reach of animals.  More information on this and other poisonous substances can be found at http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/az/p/poisonoussubstances

17 February 2014

Manicure? Pedicure?  Or should that be PAWdicure?  It is really important to ensure the health of your dog’s feet.  If your dog is walked on concrete, gravel, etc., then his nails will be ground down naturally.  If, however, most of his exercise is on grass, then that’s a different story. He will need to have his nails trimmed regularly. You see, if the nails are left to grow and grow and grow, as they will do if they are neither ground down or cut, then they can lead to painful feet for your dog.  For example, the nails can curl back and grow into the paw pad – can you imagine how painful that would be?  Not to mention the risk of infection setting in if the pad is actually punctured.  Long, untrimmed nails can also lead to distortion of the foot, making the dog very uncomfortable and in extreme cases, inhibiting your dog’s mobility.  Additionally, if his nails are very long and your dog scratches, he can injure himself and leave himself wide open to infection if the skin is torn.  Add long nails to matted coats and you have a disaster waiting to happen. The long nails can get trapped in the matt, the dog then pulls and the skin is torn. Nasty.  Trimming your dog’s nails is something that you may or may not be comfortable with. If you are not comfortable trimming them yourself (and many owners are not), then we can help.  Nail trimming is something that we always do if necessary as part of a groom – whether it be a full groom or a mini groom – because we have your dog’s best interests at heart.  We also offer a drop in nail trimming service – simply bring your pooch to us and we will trim his nails for just £5.00.

11 January 2014

HELP! My dog is shedding hair all over the house.  What can I do to stop this?



 It’s unlikely that you will be able to stop the shedding process, because it is natural. Your pet will shed his undercoat in warmer weather when he doesn’t need it and he will grow a thicker coat in the colder weather, when he does.  However, environmental factors and diet can impact on the natural cycle and interfere with this process.  It may seem that your pooch sheds all year round as a result!

Central heating is a primary culprit.  As it gets colder outside, your pet receives a signal to grow a thicker coat.  Which he does.  Then you switch the heating on, which provides another trigger…..this time saying that the thicker undercoat is not needed.  So, he sheds it.  Then he goes  outside and it’s cold…..this triggers  more undercoat growth, then he comes back into the warmth which sends another signal and…..you get the picture?

Diet also plays a part.  It is important that your pet is fed a diet which contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 which will ensure his skin is healthy.  This will ensure that the hair follicles are as they should be and will help to prevent excess shedding.

In addition to this, it is important to maintain a regular grooming routine, which will remove the dead hair before it ends up all over your home.

8 January 2014

I am often asked when young puppies should be introduced to the grooming process.  The answer is as soon as they have had all their vaccinations.  Breeds who will need regular grooming throughout their lives need to be introduced to the grooming environment as early as possible, and this should be done as soon as they have completed their course of jabs.  Here at Wagg-On, we offer Puppy Inductions free of charge.  The only thing we ask you to do is to bring your pup to us – and we will do the rest. Puppy Induction takes only a few sessions of roughly 10 minutes each.  We will work with your puppy, gently introducing your pooch to the sights and sounds of grooming until s/he feels confident and comfortable in the Salon.  For example, we will run the dryer over your pooch, switch on the clippers, etc. just so that s/he gets used to it.  Once we have your pup’s confidence, we will be able to carry out a full groom.  It is vital that this process is started early in your young pup’s life.  Leaving it too late can inhibit the grooming process and ultimately have a negative impact on your pooch’s grooming experience.

6 January 2014

Check out this wee video for a look inside the Salon!

21 December

Nearly time for turkey and all the trimmings, but did you know that many of the foodie treats we will enjoy over the Festive Season are toxic to dogs? This article by the RSPCA highlights the ‘danger foods’ which we should avoid feeding to our pets:  http://news.rspca.org.uk/2013/12/16/warning-as-a-quarter-of-owners-to-dish-up-christmas-dinner-for-pets/     Well worth a read!

1 December

First day of advent today = lots of advent calendars, some with chocolate in them! Please remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs. Make sure that your pooch cannot lay his paws on any Christmas chocolate treats not meant for him!

26 November

Had the pleasure of grooming a Mum and her pup yesterday! Was so impressed with how she reassured the little puppy at her first ever groom…..and she gave me into trouble (barked at me) when I had to harness the little one for a moment for her safety (all to do with bottoms!!).  Absolutely delightful wee dogs and look forward to seeing them again in January!

18 November

Check out the new Faithful Friends Loyalty Scheme and Faithful Friends Referral Scheme in operation here at Wagg-On…..

12 November

Time to check your dog’s pads……salt and grit on the pavements can cause him extreme discomfort. A quick check to make sure that there is no grit in between his toes and no cuts or scrapes on his paw pad will help to ensure his comfort….and your clean carpets!

3 November

Guy Fawkes Night is almost upon us and with it comes lots of scary noises and flashes which can cause upset and distress for our lovely pets. There is a lot we can do as pet owners to try to alleviate some of the stress our animals suffer at this time of year. Here is some handy information, courtesy of the Dogs’ Trust to help us do just that: http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/az/factsheetsanddownloads/factsheetfireworks10.pdf

2 November 2013

Brrrr! It’s cold outside! Some people have asked me recently whether they should still have their dogs groomed in winter. The answer is yes, absolutely! Your dog’s coat/skin needs to be taken care of all year round to maintain optimum condition. You may find that your dog needs more washing/tidying at this time of year because he is perhaps more likely to get wet and muddy. A wet coat will matt more easily, causing discomfort for your pet and also providing the perfect environment for bugs and other nasties, like skin infections, to develop. A matted coat will not be able to dry out properly meaning that your dog will remain damp and cold.  If your dog lives indoors and has a thick coat, he may be too warm because of central heating. This could cause him to overheat. Far better to keep him well groomed and pop a wee coat on before a walk – that way, it can be removed when he gets back home.

30 October 2013

Matted coats! Horribly painful for your dog and can host all sorts of nasties underneath. A matted coat is extremely uncomfortable for your pet because the hair almost knits together and gets tighter and tighter, pulling on his skin. When your dog inevitably tries to scratch, his claws attach to the matt and can actually result in tearing of the skin. Not to mention the bugs, dirt, faeces, infection, hotspots, sores, maggots, urine scalding which can develop in/underneath the matts………correctly brushing your dog on a regular basis will help to avoid all of this discomfort. Here is a link to a report on a most severely matted Old English Sheepdog called Floyd, who needed to have his coat removed surgically. It makes shocking reading!  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/02/03/david-and-marjorie-massey-face-jail-over-neglect-of-sheepdog-floyd_n_1252416.html     Now where’s that brush…….

10 October 2013 Removed a tick from a little dog today. These horrible parasites lie in wait for a prospective host – they can hide in tall grass or plants in wooded areas and  can come from sheep or deer. If you walk your dog in areas like that, check him for ticks, keeping  your eyes open for a couple of days afterwards. Ticks are minute when they latch on to your pet; you will only see them once they start feeding and grow in size. They can then look like large skin tags and at first you may not realise that it is a tick. Ticks can cause Lyme Disease and other nasties – so please be vigilant after a walk.  You can buy tick removing tools from all good pet shops – keep one handy just in case. And always consult your Vet if you are at all concerned about your pet after you remove the tick.

8 October 2013 No dogs today – so been busy sewing. Doggy bandana anyone?

7 October 2013 Thank you to Scallywags of Glasgow Dog Training Club, Strathblane for providing the opportunity to meet some delightful puppies tonight. Remember, it is really important to introduce your puppy to the grooming process as soon as he has had his vaccinations. Wagg-On Dog Grooming offers free Puppy Inductions – just bring your pup to us and we will do the rest. Once your pup is accepting of the grooming process, we will then come to you and groom him outside your home.